Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This is my blog dedicated to hand-sewn Baby Slings, Bags and Home Decor. I make everything myself in my home with two young boys running around. Mostly, I work when they are sleeping to prevent mistakes!

I have a background in Interior Design, and worked before babies, for various design firms in Jacksonville and Boca Raton, Florida. I have a love for design, fabrics, colors and creating. I put all those together when I sew. I have tested the products myself and find the sling a must have when trying to do anything around the house or out of the house for that matter. My babies were much happier when they were close to me, being held in the sling, which made me happier too! Wish they still wanted to be in the sling when they are running around, now 3 and 1.

The bags are great, I am using the Small Villager Bag right now, it has 4 interior pockets and I put a fabric tie on mine. It holds my wallet in one pocket, my check book, address book, nail file, etc. in the second pocket, a sippy cup in the third pocket, and the essential snacks in the fourth pocket. I put the diapers and wipes in the middle. Love it! So convenient to slip my wallet in and out, which is so important on those errands, when you are holding one child and trying to put your wallet back in your purse.

If you have a question about the products and/or if you are in NE Florida and want to see my products in person, please email me, henryjn@bellsouth.net. The pricing listed does not include sales tax or shipping charges. I will send an invoice with detailed pricing upon request. Thank you for visiting!

Nancy Henry

Friday, December 09, 2005


The following fabrics are for The Villager Bag and accents for the Changing Pad and Burp Cloths:
(Click on image for a better view)

Central Park Toile in black
with coordinating black & white gingham and plaid fabric

Central Park Toile in blue
with coordinationg blue print and plaid fabric

Central Park Toile in pink
with coordinationg pink print and plaid fabric

Central Park Toile in green
with coordinationg green print and plaid fabric

Pink and Green Paisley
with coordinating pink solid and blue denium fabric

Farm Style Toile in black
with red gingham fabric


Changing Pads
$15.00 + sales tax

This accessory is a must for the traveling Mommy to keep the little one's bottom from touching the public changing table! The changing pad can coordinate with The Villager Bag and/or Fashion Baby Sling for a complete look!

- Generously sized, 16" x 24".
- Padded for comfort.
- Folds, rolls up and is secured with a covered elastic loop for easy stow away.

Burp Cloths
$12.00 + sales tax

Two uniquely embellished burp cloths which coordinate with The Villager Bag, Changing Pads and/or Fashion Baby Sling for a great baby gift ensemble!